About Reality Keys

The Reality Keys ™ service provides automated and human-verified data designed to enable a new generation of automated, trust-free information services.

We monitor a variety of data sources including exchange rates, crypto-currency transactions and any of the 39 million topics available through the Freebase open directory and automatically report whether a given fact is true or false at the specified date.

For each fact we create two ECDSA cryptographic key pairs, which we call Reality Keys ™, one for "yes" and one for "no". The public key for each possible outcome is released when the fact is registered. The private key corresponding to the actual outcome is released when the result is confirmed. The private keys for outcomes that do not occur are never released.

This service is provided free of charge. For a fee, payable in bitcoins by anyone, we will also provide a human confirmation in case the data provided by our automated check was incorrect or altered.

In a financial transaction, the data we provide can be verified by an escrow system. Bitcoin and similar decentralized virtual currencies allow you to perform escrow-like transactions directly on the network, without the need to trust any other third-party. Reality Keys ™ are compatible with the Bitcoin network, and can be used to create transactions that will only be payable depending on certain outcomes. More information about how to create these transactions, known as "Contracts", is available on the Bitcoin wiki.

Please note that although Reality Keys ™ will make a good-faith effort to settle the results of facts appropriately, we are not infallible. We provide no guarantee that the information we publish will be correct, and accept no liability for financial or other loss or damage caused by or through the use of our service.

Reality Keys ™ is run by Social Minds Inc (KK), Japan, founded by Edmund Edgar (Linked In, Twitter, Bitcoin Talk).

You can contact us at support@realitykeys.com. We also monitor the relevant thread at Bitcoin Talk.