Facts about the future, cryptographic proof when they come true.

Exchange rates

Follow an exchange rate

Will a Dollar be worth more than a Euro?

Will Bitcoin hit $1000 again?

We track Bitcoins, Dollars, Euros, Pounds and Yen.

Sports Results

Follow a football match

Will Manchester United beat Queens Park Rangers on Saturday?

You can follow the result of any game in the English Premier League.

Personal Goals

Follow RunKeeper goals

Did my friend complete their sponsored walk?

Did I reach my goal, or do my bitcoins go to charity?

We track GPS data from any RunKeeper user who gives us permission.

Anything in the Universe

Follow a Wikidata fact

You can follow any proposition you can construct using WikiData.

WikiData replaces our previous FreeBase data source, which has been discontinued by Google.

Get in touch

Tell us what you need

Don't see the information you need?

Let us know.

We can easily add new data sources based on publicly-available APIs.

Coming Soon

Reality Check

Our new Ethereum-based crowd-sourced smart contract oracle system allows any your contract to ask any question that can be answered by humans.

The system is now available on the Rinkeby Ethereum Testnet.

How it works

Register an event to track. We can currently monitor exchange rates, crypto-currency transactions, personal exercise goals or any of the millions of topics in Wikidata, all based on publicly available APIs.
We issue two Reality Keys ™, one for Yes and one for No. We keep the private keys and publish the public keys, which you can use to create an encrypted message or a Bitcoin contract.
For users of Ethereum and other advanced smart contract platforms, we provide a hash that will identify the result, and an address that we will use to sign it.
We wait until the date you specified when you created the fact.
We perform an automated check against the appropriate API and publish the result.
In the event that anyone thinks the result from the API was wrong, they can pay us a fee and a human will double-check. Otherwise the result provided by the API will stand.
We publish the private key for the winning result. You can use it to decrypt your message or complete a Bitcoin contract. The private key for the losing result is never released.
We also sign the value (either true/false or the value of the data we find) with our Ethereum address, allowing it to be used in an Ethereum contract.