Personally identifying information

The Reality Keys ™ service is designed to be used anonymously. With the exception of RunKeeper data, we do not need or want your name, email address, or other personally identifying information.

Developers using our API may wish to put an email address or some other form of contact information in the user agent string so that we can get in touch with you if there is a problem. We will only use this information for the purposes of communicating with you to troubleshoot and/or improve the service. We will not sell it or use it for marketing purposes.

RunKeeper data

You can ask our site to track your activity in RunKeeper.

When you give our application permission to use access your RunKeeper data, we will store your RunKeeper address, your name as registered in RunKeeper and an authentication token that allows us to get your data via the RunKeeper API. Your RunKeeper profile name and your name as registered in RunKeeper will be available for anyone to view on the site, and anyone will be able to ask us to publish keys based on your activity. We will pull data about your activities from RunKeeper and publish it publicly on the site.

You can revoke our automated access to your data using the RunKeeper website. Any facts registered about your activity will remain on the site. By default these will be settled as "no".


We need to confirm that you have accepted our Terms of Service before we let you perform certain actions on the site, including viewing our public and private keys. For your convenience, we set a non-expiring cookie after you accept our Terms of Service. This cookie only stores information about the version of our Terms of Service that you have accepted, and does not track you or identify you personally.

We use a temporary cookie as a defence against cross-site request forgery. This will be deleted when you close your browser.

We do not use any other cookies.

Tracking and web server logs

We maintain industry-standard web server logs, primarily for security purposes. We may also use these logs to analyse usage patterns and trends. These logs include the user agent provided by your browser and your IP address. If you are connecting through an intermediate proxy or anonymizing relay service, the IP address we store will be the IP address of the proxy service or exit node through which you are connecting.

We may divulge the information that we do collect to a third party if requested to do so by law enforcement or required to do so through legal proceedings.