Registering a fact
Automated resolution
Human resolution
(optional, and usually unnecessary)            
$10 USD
(payable in Bitcoins)

You can register a question free of charge. We perform an automated check against the relevant API, which is also free of charge. In the vast majority of cases this will be sufficient, and you won't need to pay us anything to use our service.

In the event that you think the result returned by an automated check is wrong, you can pay us a fee for a human to double-check. This facility is aimed mainly at data from Freebase, which is often incomplete and occasionally incorrect, but in exceptional situations it may be applicable data from other sources. We charge a maximum fee equivalent to 10 US Dollars for this service, payable in Bitcoins.

All fees are non-refundable, including under-payments and over-payments.

At our discretion we may occasionally do a human settlement even when we don't receive the fee. In particular, some of the sources we draw information from are publicly editable, and we are keen to avoid giving people an incentive to alter or game them. We may therefore do human checks without being asked if we suspect that someone may have interfered with our sources to make us produce a particular key.

Anyone can pay the fee, regardless of whether they originally registered the question with us. Note that the settlement of a question you registered may be delayed pending a human check if someone else pays the fee for it. Fees may be paid in multiple installments, or by small contributions from many different people.

The amount payable in Bitcoins will vary depending on the exchange rate. Please note that the total received Bitcoins must exceed the fee in Bitcoins as stated on the day that the final payment is received. If you have paid in installments, the value of a previous installment may have dropped since you paid it, so please be sure to check the outstanding fee on the day that you intend make the final payment.